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3/4 dog 100% Border Collie

Tripawd Disc Doggin’

When Kess was still a quadpawd we got to know Maty, she’s an amazing tripawd that has qualified for and competed in the Skyhoundz World Championships several times.  She even placed 7th in the world in distance and accuracy (toss and fetch).   Maty was a great inspiration for us, and her owners were a great comfort as Kess healed from her amputation surgery.  Through facebook we’ve been in touch with another awesome disc catchin’ tripawd, Macie.  Macie and Maty got together last weekend at the open qualifier in CO, and tripawd Macie even made the news.  It first aired on the local channel, but I heard rumors that NBC national also aired it 🙂


here’s a link to the news cast

At 11 years old Kess is still going strong.  It’s been a long time since we made it up on the podium at an event, but we still love to play together and she brings a smile to everyone she meets.  After she competed this past weekend we were approached by someone struggling with the decision to amputate.  They were simply blown away by how well Kess is doing, and by how happy and pain free she is.  It was the push they needed to make the right decision for their dog, and I was so glad we could show them that being a tripawd is not a disability.  Here’s a couple of pics from the competition.



We’re headed down to Eugene, OR at the end of June for the first ever Pacific Coast Canine Disc Championship, we hope to meet up with Maty and all of our west coast disc dog friends.

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