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3/4 dog 100% Border Collie

Washington State Canine Disc Championship

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This past weekend Kess competed in the expert overall category at the Washignton state canine disc championship.  Also on site was tripawd Maty, a world famous disc dog who has competed at the Skyhoundz World Championship numerous times.  Maty has been an inspiration to Kess and I and it was great to see both dogs out there tearing up the turf.


Saturday was a DiscDogathon which consists of 5 events: freestyle, bullseye, time trial, spot landing, and team distance and accuracy.  Kess doesn’t normally compete in freestyle, but I decided there wasn’t any harm in standing out there and playing some disc with my buddy for a couple of minutes, and you have to compete in every event to be in the overall category.  Well Kess was on her game and we had an amazing round of freestyle.  The routines are scored on Presentation, athleticism (dog), Wow! factor, and success (catch ratio).  Here’s Kess’s performance in freestyle:

I was so proud of Kess, she’s just such a great dog and she exceeded all of my expectations for the day.  She placed 2nd in expert freestyle, 2nd expert bullseye, and 3rd expert spot landing.  Tripawd Maty took home 1st in expert spot landing, earning her a spot at the world championship.

Kess and Maty showing off their hardware

Kess and Maty showing off their hardware


We had such an amazing day.  Kess embodies all that it is to be an athlete and a selfless friend.  She gives so much of her self in to all that she does.  Kess’s zest for life and joyful heart are an inspiration.   I’m so fortunate to share my life with her.  She has touched my soul and forever changed me as a person.

Kess giving mama some lovin'

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6 Comments so far

  1.   mom2gracie on June 27th, 2011          Reply

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Absolutely LOVE the last pic (all the other info etc in this post is great too, but that pic – oh man!)

  2.   chilidawg on June 27th, 2011          Reply

    that is so pAWSOME! But seriously, just watching the freestyle video brought a big smile to my face. What an amazing dog you have!

  3.   Ginger on June 28th, 2011          Reply

    Great! Incredible! Pawesome! What else can I say but WOW!!!!! Kess sure shows that you just can’t keep a Tripawd down. If she got second with that routine, I can’t even imagine the first place routine. OMD! Thank you so much for sharing and congrats to both you and Kess on your great accomplishment.


  4.   etgayle on June 28th, 2011          Reply

    you guys are an inspiration!!! thanks so much for reinforcing the fact that tripawds are capable, determined and just as athletic as any ‘four-legger’. congrats on your great success!

    charon & gayle

  5.   Heather & Michael on June 28th, 2011          Reply

    We are truly impressed. You have given this dog SO much. She is so lucky to have you….aside from saving her life, you have given her purpose, although the last photo of you and Kess is REALLY her purpose…..loving you.

    Heather & Michael

  6.   ev sharp on June 30th, 2011          Reply

    What a fun story! But the last picture brought tears to my eyes — both 1)in respect and admiration for you and yours and 2) sadness for me that my dog is gone. Thank you!

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