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Snow, snow, and more snow in Seattle

snow at 1 Kess snout deep

Well the title pretty much sums it up.  We’ve been stuck in the house for a few days now.  Everyone was having a great time for the first few days and now even the kids have had enough.    We’re up to about 12″ of snow with an icy crust.

Kess has really slowed down in the cold weather.  I think she’s got a fair bit of stiffness associated with the cold.  There’s lots of creaking, popping and stretching when Kess gets up in the morning.  Her endurance for running and playing is also quite a bit lower.  Of course Kess would run until she collapsed so it’s been tough to police her and keep her quiet when she’s starting to wear out.

Kess and I had big plans to try out dock diving next week, but I’ve decided jumping in to ice cold water really isn’t in Kess’s best interests so well have to wait for summer.

Agility is on hiatus until the weather improves.  Other than that it’s business as usual, our disc club found an indoor facility for our winter play days so at least we have that to look forward to.  It’s quite a new experience to do disc indoors, but staying warm and dry is a fair trade off.

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  1.   sparkythedog on January 19th, 2012          Reply

    You do three legged agility? Really? How exciting. I think my rat terrier would love it, although I’m not sure I could keep up. I didn’t think the agility powers-that-be would accept less than perfect dogs, so I’ve never checked into it before. Now, I will. Or maybe I’ll try rally, which I’ve done successfully with my elderly Golden.

    What’s strange is, you have more snow in Seattle than we do in Yakima. Something is not right.

    Becky and Sparky the agile tripawd

    •   tombi on January 19th, 2012          Reply

      When we compete in agility it will be in NADAC they allow mixed breeds and tripawds can compete in 3 types of events, hoopers, tunnelers, and weavers. So far we just have fun learning the equipment, s we’re so busy with a ton of other stuff it’s hard to add any more to the schedule

      •   jerry on January 20th, 2012          Reply

        Kess I think this was before you joined us but there as a Tripawd pup named James the Poodle who competed in NADAC agility. He was such a love! I’ll bet you know his Momma or have at least run into her in your small community.

  2.   riosmom on January 19th, 2012          Reply

    Love the picture of Kess! It sounds like we don’t have quite as much snow as you do over there. We’ve got about 7-8 inches so far. The girls are still enjoying it, but the creaking, popping and stretching definitely sounds familiar.

    Micki and Rio

  3.   etgayle on January 19th, 2012          Reply

    ooh, indoor disc – kess you are so cool!!! sorry to hear about all of your snow – we’d trade you some rain, to get some snow??

    charon & spirit gayle

  4.   jerry on January 20th, 2012          Reply

    Man that looks COLD! Oh Brrrr!!!!! But darn you look so cute in that snow.

    Have fun playing indoors!

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