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3/4 dog 100% Border Collie

It’s time to pawty

A few members of the Washington tripawds family got together on Aprill 22nd in Redmond, WA.  I started out the day hosting my four year olds rock n’ roll superstar birthday party.  It was a blast but Kess and I were ready for a break, and the tripawds pawty was just what the doctor ordered.  It was an amazing sunny and warm day (over 70 degrees). The Marymoor dog park was packed.  We arrived to find a news crew waiting for us!  Kess and Lincoln got a little screen time during the evening news, but sadly there isn’t any online footage to share.  After the camera crew left we headed back out of the park and made camp under a large tree.  It was a very relaxing afternoon, and we all hung out enjoying the warmth and sunshine in the company of kindred spirits.  We traded stories for a few hours while the dogs snuffled around in the grass and Kess attempted to get people to throw the frisbee for her. (I had to sneak away a little early).  It was great to meet everyone in the flesh, and see all of the sweet and special dogs they share their lives with.  As commanded I took lots of pictures.  If anyone is interested in getting together again the Everett, WA Mutt March on June 2nd ( ) is a great fund raiser for the Chase Away Canine Cancer Organization.  Kess will be performing with the canine disc group (11am and 1pm ), and trying out dock dogs for the first time in the 10-11am class.  I’m super excited as we had a great time last year.



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