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3/4 dog 100% Border Collie

Another Year Flew By

2012 was another great year for Kess and family.  Kess has continued to be an energetic and busy dog despite reaching 11 years old this year.  We officially retired her from competition this, but she still enjoys joining in on disc dog and flyball demos when the chance arises.  We traveled out of state to compete in disc in northern California and had a blast.  What can I say, life is good 🙂

We did have a bit of a stumble when Kess put on a bit of extra weight.  Her activity level had dropped off since we were no longer practicing for different activities, and I think she just wasn’t getting enough exercise.  I thought she was slowing down because she was getting older.  Turns out she was slowing down because she was getting FAT.  A couple months down the road and a few pounds lighter and Kess had a new lease on life.  She’s back to running circles around everyone and keeping an ever vigilant watch over the household kitties.


smiley santa


Gimmie that stick

Gimmie that stick

Hey I’m cute too!132

Pwease can I have some cookies Santa

Pwease can I have some cookies Santa


Happy Holidays !!!!

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